High extolling for brilliant commander of Songun Politics

   The south Korean people are boundlessly extolling the greatness of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Il who created a new political mode by brilliantly inheriting the Songun idea of the fatherly President and provided the firm guarantee for holding the President forever in high esteem through the immortal Songun feats, and actively supporting his Songun politics.
   They are extending unlimited glory and thanks to the respected Marshal who safeguarded socialism of Juche established by the fatherly President through pioneering a new era of history by the restless Songun leadership and opened a turning phase of the national reunification.
   The ¡°south Korean youth ranks of Juche-followers¡± extolled in a congratulatory message to the respected Marshal on his birthday, February 16 last year as saying ¡°the exploits the great Marshal, a heaven-sent great man of Baekdu, made during his victorious leadership in the confrontation without boom with US imperialism overcoming the rare ordeal period by dint of the most powerful Songun politics are the sum of the matchless pluck and extraordinary ability worthy of the General of Mt. Baekdu and a miraculous merit that struck the whole world with admiration.¡±
   South Korean magazine ¡°Min¡±(2002.4) stressed ¡°the independence era fighting the modern imperialist encamp could get another title as the Songun era by the revolutionary Songun line of the National Defence chairman Kim Jong Il and the revolutionary Songun leadership performed a historical event to frustrate the endless war plots and plunder ambitions of the modern imperialist encamp.¡±
   Today the south Korean people are worshipping the respected Marshal as the sun of the nation and lodestar of the national reunification as our people in the time of the Japanese colonial rule firmly believed in the fatherly President revering him as the sun of the nation and actively defending the Songun politics with optimism of the final victory of the national independence cause.
   Han Ho-sok, director of the Unification Institute in America said in an article titled ¡°A new military strategy of the US and the withdrawal of the US troops in south Korea¡± that the anti-Japanese armed struggle forces, organized and led by the fatherly President surmounted the manifold ordeals and adversities in fighting the strong and cruel Japanese aggressors with dignity and opened the struggle road to gain the liberation of the Korean nation and the sovereignty and independence of the country.
   And he stressed that north Korea is enterprisingly pursuing the anti-imperialist independence strategy based on the revolutionary Songun line of the National Defense chairman Kim Jong Il, debilitated the US offensive by counter-offensive and waging the victorious struggle to drive the US troops out of south Korea and reunify the country.
   Editorial Department of the Internet ¡°Tong-il Ryomyong¡± set forth the defending of the Songun politics as a principal line for this year and is dynamically conducting celebratory lectures, meetings of essay announcement and film shows as well as seminars on the Songun politics of the great Marshal and the national reunification in April, too in the wake of the august February holiday.