Kim Jong Il is Reputed as the Most Famous Man in the World


 The Bulgarian paper Sewersen Secret reported that while the world focuses on Kim Jong Il, chairman of the National Defense Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and his cult is all the rage on the earth, American citizens have been polled recently on their opinions about the world-famous men.

According to the poll, the characteristic features of Kim Jong Il are: firstly, he is a man of high principle; secondly, he is a superb diplomat; thirdly, he has a firm hold on the army. The Americans ranked the Chairman as number one man of the world in 2004.

Though this appraisal was made by the people of a hostile country, it is comparatively unprejudiced.


Leader Kim Jong Ils Political Ability


The political philosophy of Kim Jong Il, leader of the DPRK, is the Juche philosophy. The Juche philosophy forms the basis of the Juche idea which is recognized as the guiding idea of the cause of human independence. It is a philosophical idea which clarified the anthropocentric philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and decides everything, and a people-centered socio-historical principle that the popular masses are the subject of social history and that the socio-historical movement is an independent, creative and conscious movement of the masses. It must be added that President Kim II Sung, the prominent veteran statesman of the 20th century, founded and adhered to this philosophy and regarded it as his political philosophy for sores of years.

The People is my God. This is Kim Jong Ils motto. According to the motto, a political leader is not a monarch who reigns over the people but their faithful servant. He considers that the first criterion of a political leader is his love for the people. The Juche idea can be considered identical with the idea that the people are my God in that a political leader should work for the people and rely on them.

As he has this political philosophy and idea, his politics is always enjoyed absolute supports and trust of the people. Herein lies the secret of his successful and consistent politics.

He is uncommon in courage, self-confidence and will. People will remember that after the passing of President Kim ll Sung Korea was faced with serious crises. When socialism collapsed successively in the former Soviet Union and other East European countries, the allied forces of the West headed by the United States ranted about the end of socialism and turned their spearhead on north Korea that has firm anti-imperialist independent stand. They imposed extreme political and military pressure on north Korea while enforcing an extensive economic blockade and sanctions. On top of that, north Korea was hit by severe natural disasters repeatedly that it suffered from serious economic difficulties and food shortages. The collapse of socialist Korea was considered a foregone conclusion in the West. The world watched the development of the situation in north Korea.

At this juncture Kim Jong Il solemnly declared: Expect no change from me! History showed in practice what his will and courage were.

Let's see who laughs last. With this confidence, will and courage he held high the banner of socialism even in the bitterest adversity.

The world people admire him not only as a iron-willed man of matchless courage but also as a political leader of ability who is expert in politics, well-informed in the economy, preeminent in military affairs and mature in diplomacy.

To sum up the comments of south Koreans who know rather well about him, he is an uncommon statesman who is very common as a man but possesses very exceptional political ability.

He has a remarkable political sense and leadership ability as well as a broad knowledge. It is said that he enforces musical politics. This is no accidental. Because he has a profound knowledge of and an extraordinary talent for music, he regards it as a powerful means of his politics and, skillfully applies it to his politics. The Songun politics, his peculiar political method which attracts the great attention of the international community is inconceivable without his outstanding political ability.

As he is a political leader of this type, he has adhered to the principle of anti-imperialism, independence and socialism, achieved the single-hearted unity of the whole society and led the battle for the defense of socialism to victory in the 21st century after the 1990s.